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The LETHAL FEW MOTORCYCLE CLUB FOUNDERS have been riding Harley Davidson motorcycles in cop clubs since 2000-2001 and have experienced pretty-much all aspects of drama the LEMC’s or Cop Clubs bring in the MC World…

Therefore, over years of personally witnessing; disloyalty, betrayal and continued members’ and leaders’ actions contrary to their oath subsequently and continuously absent consequences in these various clubs; the LETHAL FEW MOTORCYCLE CLUB FOUNDERS made the decision to finally start their own GENUINE BROTHERHOOD that established the meaning of true brotherhood and family…

Since the inception of the LETHAL FEW MOTORCYCLE CLUB in 2023 we have expanded to two DIVISIONS;

  • One DIVISION being 100% LAW ENFORCEMENT active/honorably retired personnel (LE)

  • One DIVISION being 100% MILITARY VETERAN active/honorably retired personnel (VET) which each DIVISION is represented by its own National Board.


The patch-colors of these DIVISIONS are reversed therefore, representing each independently yet the center patch is the same. ONE FAMILY, ONE PATCH!!!


The membership in either DIVISION is made up of personnel that are; genuine, honest, respected and have the highest level of ethics and integrity and are committed to the Lethal Few family and our #1 MISSION; Battered Women, Domestic Violence Victims and our Community Children in Need. 


Proverbs 13:20 “He who walketh with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed”.


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